Detroit Gangsta Life

What up doe? Tiffany X here, black gangsta bitch representin' the D and keeping everything 100% real. This website is about real gangsters of yesterday and today, the lifestyles of these Detroit gangsters and all of their trials and tribulations. This site has taken a long time to finally get up and running due to the extensive content that I had to cop from various sources. We are, of course, going to be hated by many, loved by few, but respected by all. In the weeks to come we are going to be offering in addition to weekly gangsta news and current situations, we are also going to offer one of a kind T-shirts, books, DVD's and specialized items for those in the game and living the life to protect them from 5-0 and the Feds. If we can prevent one brother or sister from getting incarcerated then all of this was well worth it. So, that is the basic premise for now. Stay safe and keep it real.

Miko The Serb/Tony Serbo

When asking my respected chairmen and gangsta panel who is the baddest most feared and respected gangsta that they know of, after brief discussion, they all agreed on Miko the Serb. In the joint and on the street he is a true legend...

Miko grew up on the east side and legend has it he started studying Martial Arts at a young age. When he was a teenager he started to make a reputation for himself as a head buster and enforcer that was unbeatable in street fights. He was also an expert with knives and guns and wouldn't hesitate to use either. He was apparently one of the youngest "boss-macks" in the history of the game and legend has it had a large stable of beautiful females. Rumor has it Miko has macked, cracked and whacked quite a few. In the mid to late 80's, Miko earned a lot of money by taxing drug dealers and charging local business owners "protection" fees. He met a Columbian connect in the late 80's and began to move cakes. Apparently, this wasn't his favorite hustle, so he stopped "rollin" after about a year. Homeboy quit! He then got into the gat game and enjoyed overnight success. His style was very mysterious and he was never seen with an entourage in public. Rumor has it all along his specialty was being an "independent contractor" who specialized in making people's problems disappear via debt collection or sending messages with sawed-offs as his trademark!  For fun he used to spar and box with professional heavy weights at Kronk Gym. He also is a Martial Arts master in several styles. He caught a case for a 1.5 million dollar diamond heist that took place in '91. During his bit he had no problem shanking or head bustin' and got into the underground fight league ran by the Nation of Islam. He fought Ricky Womack to a draw which some say Miko won. Whatever prison he ended up at he always ran the joint but never tried to. In prison, his reputation and gangsta credibility grew even more. He got out in 2003 and apparently was recruited by a player from New York named Carmine for Bare-knuckled Boxing. Word has it, due to his insane fighting ability he is going to be a superstar within a few months. There is an interview scheduled with Miko for next week. His website is

Kurk Mcgurk/Kurk Napier

This person, Kurt Mcgurk, was born and raised on the East side of Detroit. Kurt grew up in the Brewster projects and quickly was recognized by the OG’s as a potential street superstar. Kurt was recruited by individuals that would later form the famous organization known as Young Boys Incorporated “Y.B.I.”  Kurt started rollin’ at the age of ten years old. By the time he was 12 he had already started to form a reputation on the streets. When Kurt was only 14 years old he paid cashed for a brand new Mercedes 560SEL and had bullet proof windows added as an accessory. Not bad for someone who wasn’t even old enough to drive legally. Between the ages of 14 to 16 he established himself as a true hard-core gangsta and had respect and was feared by people old enough to be his father. He was a very good athlete and some say could have easily been a professional basketball player but Kurt was unfortunately sidetracked by the fast money and the Detroit Gangsta Life. When Kurt was 17 he was put as the head of an 80’s hit squad that primarily worked for YBI. The name of this hit squad was the A Team. In 1985 Kurt was pulled over in his bulletproof Mercedes with $300,000 cash in the trunk. On another occasion, shortly thereafter, he was pulled over with $175,000 in the trunk. He soon became frustrated with taking orders from Butch Jones and Company, the former leaders of YBI, and a beef began between them. Sometime in the late 80’s Kurt was accused of spraying one of Butch’s spots with an uzi. Rumor has it that Butch put a contract on Kurt or any of his family. Apparently, when Kurt found out about this he went off. One sunny July afternoon around 1986 or so, as Butch sat in his customized Jag on Birwood near Fenkell, a dark black Corvette drove by. Rumor has it Kurt was in the passenger seat and sprayed Butch’s Jag. Butch was hit in the shoulder and grazed in the temple, but that was the extent of it. Shortly after this time, rumor has it Kurt got greedy and started robbing fellow people in the same game. At one point in time, there were 3 contracts simultaneously put on his head but nobody succeeded. Rumor has it all three people that were reputed to have put contracts on his head where whacked one by one. Kurt is known, respected and feared in many circles. Kurt caught several cases for violence related charges in the late 80’s and is currently incarcerated. While he was incarcerated he took up boxing and has become quite a formidable heavyweight. Ricky Womack is quoted as saying next to Miko the Serb, Kurt Mcgurk was probably the toughest fight I ever had. He has an Ali type fighting style. My point in mentioning this to my readers is, what another waste of talent. He should putting his abilities to use in the streets in a positive way. He has been eligible for parole since early 2000, the corrupt hypocritical system does not want to free this brother. He has completed all of his necessary recommendations, Assaultive Offenders Therapy, AA, NA, ect., got his GED and then some, there is no real reason to hold this brother. Free Kurt Mcgurk!

Pretty Tony/ Tony EL

Pretty Tony/ Tony EL grew up on the Eastside, another brother that was talented and choose to get into the life or the game as others refer to it. Tony started establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the mid-eighties. He had a strong crew of 20 to 30 street gorillas that controlled the game from 6 mile and Gratiot to 6 mile and Hoover and also had several spots in the Chandler Park projects. Most of his spots were nickel spots that sometimes pumped upwards of $20,000 a day. His primary connect was a Cuban from Miami. Tony was known for his remarkable jewelry collection rivaled by only the likes of Mt. T. Tony, in 1987, owned the following vehicles, 300E Mercedes, Customized Convertible Mustang GT, two customized lo-riders and a Jag. It is rumored, his personal gun collection consisted of several Uzi’s, Mack-10, authentic Tommy guns, AK47’s, and several Beretta 9mm’s. He had one Beretta customized with 20k of ice on the handle. In addition to his remarkable hardware collection he was known to have things that only the army had at that time. Homeboy was prepared for street war. Around 1989 homeboy was setup by a snitch. Apparently one of his trusted associates caught a case and simply chose to be a coward instead of a man. He used Tony as a pawn to avoid going to the joint. We all know who this coward is. When this brother stepped on the pounds at Jack Town there were plenty of haters. But homeboy showed them that a middleweight off the east side knew how to throw them bows. While inside, he was a superstar on all basketball teams, averaging 30 or more points a game. Homeboy can also dunk from a stand still and he is only 5’9. Fortunately, he won his freedom and is currently out living a productive, successful lifestyle due to his parent’s unconditional love and support. They backed him on a clothing store business upon him getting out. Us black people should learn this type of unity for our brothers and sisters and learn from example by his story. Good luck Tony, we are all proud of you!

Ghostmack-Carl Hubbard-X

Ghostmack grew up on the eastside of Detroit in the Mack and Gray area. Ghost was a very talented boxer at a young age entering several amateur tournaments and usually doing very well. Around the age of 12 he was introduced to the game. He was introduced to several individuals that would later become the head of Maseradi Rick Organization and also individuals that were upper echelons of the Curry Drug Organization. By the age of 15 he was running several spots in the Mack and Gray area. This was in the boomin’ 80’s, precisely the mid to late. Big Ed tried to muscle in on several of his spots, to no avail. Ghostmack would not budge. He had a crew that consisted of 15 to 20 hard-core street gorillas. In order to be part of his crew you had to be fearless and quick with the trigger. There was a point in time when Ghostmack was approached by the famous Rockin Reg. They had a famous showdown right on Gray in the late 80’s. Rumors say it was like the “O.K. Corral”. Witnesses say both were spraying each other with Uzi fire, nobody got hit. There was another incident outside of Pats Lounge when Ghostmack and Reg shot it out again. This time with glock gats. Ghost was grazed in the right shoulder, but nothing serious. Rumor has it the beef between Rockin Reg and Ghostmack was because Ghostmack would not incorporate his crew into the Best Friends Organization. Ghostmack was content with ruling the Mack and Gray territory. Ghostmack in addition to his spots also made a lot of loot macking females. Apparently he had a stable of 5 dime pieces and a clientele consisting of wealthy white businessmen and a few professional athletes. Not too many people were aware of this side hustle. He had a customized 79 triple black Cadillac Seville with a $30,000 sound system in it. He also had a Cherokee, a Mercedes 190E and a 535I BMW in his hay day. Ghostmack caught a murder case based on a false positive identification. Apparently the corrupt DPD had a thing for him due to the fact he was accused of assassinating one of their prized snitches. However he was never arrested for this. Rumor has it a corrupt Narcotics Officer paid a drug addict to say that Ghostmack was the individual she seen leaving the scene of a murder with a gun in his hand. No weapon or fingerprints were ever found. Since this brother’s incarceration, he has started boxing again and has had great success fighting as a cruiserweight in the Nation of Islam underground Fight League. Hopefully justice will be served and this brother will be freed on appeal. What a shame, another wasted talent brought down by the corrupt hypocritical system. Free Ghostmack!

Murder Man-Burns Culver

MM grew up on the eastside near French Rd. and Gratiot. MM quickly established himself as a beast in the streets to be reckoned with. Homeboy was carrying a gat by 10 years old. Homeboy started robbing individuals that were slangin in his hood. By the time he was 14, Homeboy had established a vicious crew of about 10 street gorillas. Their trademark were Mack-10’s. By the time homeboy was 15, he already had a number of spots on the lower eastside, specifically French rd. and Gratiot. His connect was a Cuban from southwest Detroit that was dating his beautiful sister. In the mid 80’s he paid cash for a brand new Jag and he wasn’t old enough to drive. Sound familiar (Kurt Mcgurk style)? He also at this time had a sick jewelry collection. His prized piece being a 14k charm designed as a Mack-10 and almost the same size as the real gun. They say it was a $50,000 piece. At one point in time, in order to make extra money, him and his crew started robbing other drug dealers in the neighborhood. Anybody putting up resistance would be left for the rats to chomp on. He, like many people in the game that are lions instead of lambs, was hated by several people. There are just so many haters that hated on him it was ridiculous. Somebody snitched and said he had a murder weapon at one of his weight spots. When it was raided, a weapon was recovered that indeed was used in a murder but sources say it was planted by corrupt homicide officers. He was arrested but later released on lack of evidence. Around 88-89, he became a mad outlaw on the streets and wanted to have gunfights with everybody. Rumor has it he has whacked at least 20 or more. It is also rumored that he would take contracts as far away as Miami for his sister’s boyfriend, a Cuban. Eventually his cowboy lifestyle and vicious reputation got the attention of the authorities. They wanted to get him off the streets by any means necessary, especially after he was accused of plotting to kill one of the Wayne county assistant prosecutors. Everyone says this is a false rumor and he would never take his animosity to that level. We feel that the haters got together and plotted on this lion. Another brother goes to Jack Town. Since homeboy has been locked up, he has also been a force to be reckoned with in the Nation of Islam’s underground fight league. It is rumored that MM and ghostmack had a bloody toe-to-toe brawl that ended up being a draw. Witnessed say it was as entertaining if not more so than the Hearns Hagler fight. Hopefully this brother will win his appeal and be set free. Free Murder Man.

Damu-Donald Knox

Damu is a Y2K gangsta, put in work in the 90’s and reaped the benefits in the 2’s. For the young buck, young lion, fresh blood to the game, never a lame and never doing anything the same. This young brother is a street superstar, was blessed with the knowledge on how to slang and how to, mack with the best of them. He is a quick learner and a superstar. Homeboy has an unlimited sick jewelry collection, five automobiles consisting of a 535I Beemer, customized vet ZR1, dodge viper, 560SEL Mercedes, and last but not least, a Lincoln town car. Apparently, when he got out from his little meatball bit his momma blessed him early with his inheritance. His momma and daddy are both in the real estate game and they wanted to make sure that Donald stayed on he straight and narrow. You can see Donald Damu, the street superstar at a lot of the VIP rooms of the trendy clubs such as Zoo lounge, Plan B, Shadow Bar, ect. Rumor has it that homeboy has hung up the pistols and is going to focus on producing hip-hop records. This is a good example of how our people should stick together and help one another. This is a good example of unconditional love and family unity. Obviously his parents don’t want to see him be a victim of the fast life. So they gave him there all so he has no excuse for failure. These black people put their sons needs before their own. Now if that’s not unconditional love, I don’t know what is. Good luck Damu. Stay safe, we are proud of you.

Double R-Ricky Rimmer

This brother, Double-R, grew up in the Jeffries Housing Projects and at a young age was recognized by the local hustlers, pimps and players as a potential superstar. At the age of 12, Ricky became a certified pimp. Between the ages of 12 and 15 he accumulated a loyal stable of 15 to 20 dime pieces. Always extremely mature and articulate for his age, at 15, most people thought he was in his 20’s. By the time he was 16, 17 years old he was recruited by the original Black Mafia Family. He headed a crew of 30 to 40 street gorillas who ran and controlled everything in the Jeffries Housing Projects. Ricky really came to life and was in his prime in the 70’s. The late 60’s through the mid 70’s was Double-R’s hay day. Double-R, it is rumored, had $500,000 accumulated by 1972. This was profit from pimpin’, narcotic sales, weapon sales, and he also taxed local drug dealers and business owners. He taxed the drug dealers and had them kick street tribute to him. He charged local business owners protection and made his rounds to collect his weekly fees. What he really became famous at was macking. He became a certified boss mack in the early 70’s and made Superfly look like a trick. Double-R got the title of Boss-Mack through the legendary Boss Mack from the Brewster Projects, none other than, Big Daddy Scorpio. Double-R purchased a customized Lincoln Continental, Cadillac, and a customized Benzo which was unheard of at this time. Boss mack Double-R not only was famous locally, homeboy has been to England, Mexico and is a legend in Toronto. There was one point in time when 90% of the hoes on the stroll were Boss Mack Double-R’s. Talk about big pimpin’! Eventually the haters could not bare his success and he was framed for a homicide by the Detroit Police Homicide Division. Rumor has it some crackers daughter was turned out by Double-R and she just loved the life and wouldn’t go back to being a square. So the corrupt DPD framed Double-R for a homicide. He is still fighting for his freedom. Since he has been in the joint, Double-R is a Boss Mack/Gangster 120% soldier and the MDOC thinks that he runs the largest prison gang known as the “Mo-bites” (Moorish Science Temple). He has been labeled as the Grand Sheik, which is the equivalent as the Godfather to the mob. Double-R has about 5,000 caged gorillas waiting to shank crackers at his command. However, Double-R has proven himself to be a highly spiritual individual and a non-violent person. He emulates Ghandi, however the corrupt Michigan Department of Corruption houses Double-R in a Level 5. They label him a security threat due to his status in the Mo-bites. Hopefully, this brother can win a commutation. He has been incarcerated way too long. He deserves his freedom. Free Double-R!

Scorpio-Terei Shabazz-Ronald Norfleet

Scorpio grew up on the eastside, specifically in the French Rd./Gratiot area. He didn’t get off into the game until he was about 13 years old or so. Him and his gang started off by stealing cars and turning them over to the Albanian Chop-shop owners in Hamtramck. At 13, he was making a couple thousand a week in the stolen car game. By the time he was 15, rumors have it, he bought a big eighth. He then flipped that and got a quarter. Flipped a quarter and got a half cake. Flipped a half cake and got the cake. By the time he was 16, he was moving nothing but cakes. At this point in time, homeboy was a street superstar. He had accumulated a beautiful customized Mercedes 560SEL, champagne green with a $50,000 sound system. In addition to this fine automobile, he had a BMW 535I and a ZR1 Corvette. Homeboys’ hay day was in the mid to late 80’s. Plenty of haters were coming out of the woodwork and trying to cramp Scorpio’s style. In addition to moving cakes he also got involved in macking. Rumor has it, he had a connect where he was importing females from Canada and he had put them in elite houses all across the city in order to make them his version of a brothel, rumor has it. By the early 90’s, Scorpio was at the epitome of his game. He sold nothing but cakes and also had about 15 spots throughout the city. Rumors have it about this time, he began beefing with an individual by the name of Paycheck Pete. Paycheck Pete, it is rumored, was really jealous of Scorpio because he was seeing one of his ex-girlfriends. There was a showdown on Mayfield in 1992. Rumor has it, bullets and gun smoke were flying everywhere. Paycheck Pete was hit several times but Scorpio was never hit. Rumors have it, Paycheck Pete told 5-0 it was Scorpio who put lead in him. 5-0 kicked in the front doors of one of his residences looking for the weapon that was used in this crime. It is rumored they stumbled a crossed $900,000 in cash and an arsenal of weapons. Homeboy caught a case and did about a dime plus a couple. While Scorpio was inside he joined the Nation of Islam’s underground fight league and held his own as a middleweight contender. The only individual he lost to was Merky Murk, the famous legendary middleweight from Jack town. Scorpio won his freedom last year and is currently operating a fitness center in Southwest Detroit. Rumor has it, his parents unconditional love and support helped him stay on the straight and narrow once released. They backed him on the fitness center and more black people should learn from this example of unity and unconditional love. Good luck Scorpio, we’re proud of you.

Blanco Diablo-Normando Vasquez

Blanco Diablo grew up in southwest Detroit and got into the game at about 16 years old. He became a member of the Latin Kings at this time. He was known as a vicious street fighter who grew in reputation and legend with every street fight he had. When it was realized what a vicious enforcer he was, he was promoted within the Latin Kings. It is ironic that individuals outside of southwest Detroit have no idea the stronghold that the Latin Kings have, not only in southwest Detroit, but throughout the whole nation. They are highly organized, loyal, and can be, it is rumored, extremely deadly. His main function within the nation was to make sure that individuals were not slanging in the King’s territory. It is rumored, those that violated were dealt with in sometimes a vicious manner. Italian stilettos were his trademark and rumor has it, he could carve someone like a Thanksgiving turkey within a blink of an eye. By the time Diablo was 18 he had accumulated a stable of Latina dime pieces. He was the first Puerto Rican Mack in the history of the game in Detroit with such street credibility. He soon realized that this was very very lucrative and less dangerous than slangin’. So he expanded. He expanded his operations all the way to Toledo, Ohio. In the mid to late 80’s all the way through the mid 90’s, Diablo was kickin’ ass, taking names on all levels. Diablo was slangin’, mackin’ and whackin’ quite a few competitors. One of his houses were raided in ’94 and it was discovered that he had plenty of cash. At that raid, $575,000 in cash was found approximately $200,000 in jewelry and an assortment of weapons. He did not catch a case for this because of the illegal nature of the search warrant. He then, it is rumored, tried to expand his operations even more, all the way to Chicago, Illinois but the Vice Lords and Gangsta Disciples were not having none of this. So, with machiavellian precision he retreated and stuck with Toledo and D-town. He caught a small case for a weapons charge and did a 2-year meatball bit. While he was inside, he caught an assault charge for shanking another inmate, (sometimes this can’t be avoided). During his meatball bit, he met a journalist that was infatuated with gangster life and they are currently working on a book. He is currently living a productive life due to his unconditional love and support that he received from his family. Rehabilitation does not take place overnight, sometimes it takes several years, sometimes decades, depending on the individual. Intelligent brother and sisters need to realize this and support those that have traveled in the bowels of the beast (the prison system). He no longer goes by the name Diablo, he prefers to be called Javier. Good luck Javier, we are proud of you.

Ray-Ragheed Akrawi

Ray grew up in the 7 mile and Woodward area known as “Little Iraq”. He comes from a family pedigree of Chaldean mobsters. His cousin Harry Kalasho got him into the game. After Harry was assassinated, Ray became the street boss of the Akrawi-Kalasho drug organization and the Akrawi-Kalasho faction of the Chaldean Mafia. It is rumored that Ray was a figurehead for the famous Chaldean Mobster, now deceased, Norm Dabish. Ray rose to a high level in the Detroit narcotics underworld in the mid to late 80’s. Ray and his crew often were seen at “Taboos” nightclub dropping thousands at a time. At 17, Ray had a customized Mercedes Benz and a sick jewelry collection. He also had an arsenal of weapon close to pretty Tony’s collection but not quite. It is rumored, Ray made his bones and has whacked a couple, jacked a couple and cracked a couple here and there. But he wasn’t a particularly violent individual. He would use violence as last resort, unlike a lot of individuals in our previous profiles. It is rumored that Ray ordered a hit on one of his competitors and offered to give a bonus to the person if they would chop off the individuals head and put it on a street corner lamp post for all to see. Ray was accused of money laundering by the feds and caught a hundred kilo conspiracy case out of Oakland County. Since he has been locked up he has spent most of his time playing handball and fighting his unlawful conviction. The corrupt Oakland County prosecutor framed this Chaldean brother because the thought of someone young enough to be his son making more in a month than that prosecutor makes all year was just to much for the insecure prosecutor to bare. Ray’s sentence should have been commuted years ago. Free Ray Akrawi!

Fats-Eric Wilkins

Fats grew up on the Eastside of Detroit and was a relatively normal child until he started hustlin’ at about 15. He met the individuals that would soon become the leaders of the famous Chambers Gang. Fats was considered a Lieutenant in their organization but many people in the know understood he was really the street boss in charge of keeping all the spots in order, keeping all the workers in order, keeping the money count right. In his prime, in the late 80’s Fats had a customized BMW, a Mercedes 300E, a customized Cherokee and a low-rider with a $50,000 sound system in it. Fats also had a sick jewelry collection and one of his prize pieces was a Gucci link with a customized nameplate that said “Fats” iced out. He also had a unique map ring that was also iced out and probably weight about 200 grams. Fats was flamboyant and basically didn’t know when to quit, he got indicted with all of the Chambers Crew and ended up doing almost 15 years in the joint. While he was locked up he studied at the law library, he got his GED, and he spent a lot of time in the weight pit practicing power lifting. Since he’s been out he has been living a relatively low-key lifestyle due to his parents unconditional love and support. They helped him establish himself in the real estate game. He is currently hustling houses due to his parents help. This is an example of black people sticking together and having unity with the family. A lot of people should learn from this example. We are proud of you Fats!


Master Miko Interview Part One-7/16/08

I was not knowing what to expect regarding Miko’s looks. The picture that I took from his website is somewhat basic. I am usually only attracted to dark skinned brothers, however when Miko walked in, Homeboy had it going on!  He was wearing a Pistons Muscle T. He ha don a long (white gold) bullet chain with a boxing gloves charm the size of my hand. He also had on a thick Gucci link with a single glove charm that looked extremely heavy. He was also tatted up with some really interesting black and gray pieces.


TX: What’s up baby? Glad you made it. For the sake of this interview, how would you like to be address?

MM: Master Miko is fine

TX: If you don’t mind me asking, why Master Miko?

MM: Because I am a certified master in Shaolin Tiger Claw Kung Fu and Kung Fu San Soo.

TX: Say no more Master Miko. Let’s start by asking about your childhood. Where did you grow up?

MM: On the eastside

TX: I talked to a couple of sources and they said that you were a gifted athlete in all sports. What was your favorite?

MM: Martial Arts and boxing

TX: After those two?

MM: Football

TX: How old were you the first time you had a street fight?

MM: Probably pre-school

TX: For real?

MM: True warriors start young

TX: When did people start to take you seriously on the streets and in the hood?

MM: Probably after beating down the hood bully

TX: How old were you?

MM: Twelve

TX: And him?

MM: About fifteen

TX: How old were you when you got into the game?

MM: Mid-teens

TX: What was your hustle then?

MM: Gats

TX: What about the boss mack stories?

MM: Well, Chewy the boss gave me the game and all of his personal pearls of wisdom regarding the life and I absorbed everything and applied it.

TX: Reliable sources say that you were one of the youngest boss macks in the history of the game. That’s a trip and you usually don’t see too many other nationalities with so much props and mad street cred like you have

MM: True game recognizes true game. I’ve always been true to the game and never been a lame.

TX: I heard that baby.

MM: Knowledge is power

TX: I head when you got off into the bakery biz and the birthday cakes and all that you were like Al Capone.

MM: I look at things like this, philosophically speaking, street war is no different than international war. You have soldiers and people getting hurt. You also have street warriors that have special skills just like the armed forces has soldiers that are in special units like the Green berets, army rangers, navy seals, ect. Street warriors get labeled as gangsters and thugs, where the soldiers in the armed forces are heroes. A It’s hypocrisy

TX: I feel ya. What was the prison experience like for you?

MM: It was enlightening.

TX: Elaborate.

MM: I was told by a relative that if I turned myself in, my case would get dismissed in lower court. They personally promised.

TX: What happened?

MM: It never got dismissed and for ten years I always thought that I was coming home every Christmas by appeal or commutation.

TX: Ouch!

MM: It’s amazing the nerve of some people to compare financial loss to the loss of freedom.

TX: You can’t compare the two.

MM: On a good note, I really enhanced my mind and tested my warrior spirit.

TX: That’s what I heard.  I heard everyone went to you for advice and you helped diffuse a number of touchy situations regarding different gangs.

MM: I try to help when I can

TX: What are some of your favorite books?

MM: Upanishad’s by Patanjali, Art of War by Sun Tzu, the Prince by Machiavelli and Anything by OSHO.

TX: In your quarantine file it said that you had a near genius I.Q.  Math put you just a couple of digits below, literally.

MM: Math bores me.

TX: Me too.  Were you in many knife fights in the joint?

MM: Yes, I was, Trench warfare.

TX: Word on the street is you’re going to be exploding in the fight game within a few months.  Anybody that watches you break that one dudes ribs and then switch up your fight style and fight like Ali in the 2nd fight can tell (if they know the fight game) how talented you are.  I could tell how talented you were by watching you shadow-box on that one video.

MM: Thanks

TX: So, what’s the latest with your fighting?

MM: Just trying to get more fights and some sincere sponsors.  Everyone talks the talk but when it comes to walkin’ the walk, that’s entirely different.

TX: Have you talked to anyone about signing you?

MM: I talked to Elite XC and they basically want 3 more fights so the recruiter can go to Mr. Shaw with a nice compilation tape.  We’ve had offers but were waiting to get things cracking.

TX: In the meantime, you should be doing training videos demonstrating your skills, don’t you think? Or something?

MM: Yeah, but the video process is more complex than you realize.

TX: Do you do any Yoga or meditation?

MM: Taoist Yoga and Transcendental Meditation is part of any bonafide Chinese style Master’s curriculum.  Yes to your question.

TX: What is your meditation level?

MM: I am a mediation master.  In order to become a certified master in my Chinese Martial Arts styles, one has to demonstrate that they have mastered transcendental meditation to proceed with the testing.  It is a complex process.

TX: Sounds like it. When it comes to people, what are some of your likes and dislikes?

MM: I like truthful, loyal, honorable, generous, focused warriors. I dislike stubborn, judgmental, dishonest, unfocused, self-righteous hypocritical cowards.

TX: What is your definition of success?

MM: Success is a journey, it is not a destination.

TX: That’s deep. What type of music do you prefer?

MM: Hip-hop, rap.

TX: Artists? Current favorites?

MM: Young Jeezy, Lil’ Wayne, Shawty Low, Big Herk, Ka-deezy, Trick Trick, Stretch Money, Tone-Tone.

TX: I have more questions for you regarding the current state of the game, current players, mackin’, hustlin’, 52 hand blocks and reality Martial Arts training.  We will save that for Part 2 of the interview.

MM: It’s all good.  Call me.

TX: Nice to meet you.

MM: You too.


Chewy The Boss-Jose Garcia

Chewy originally grew up in Southwest Detroit.  It was a neighborhood rich in Latino Game.  At first he was involved as a numbers runner.  Chewy got into serious game when he was 15.  He was introduced to mackin’ by international boss mack known as Superfly JuJu.  He absorbed everything that JuJu gave him regarding game.  All of JuJu’s pearls of wisdom and superfly techniques of mackin’ really wore off on Chewy.  By the time Chewy was 16 years old, he was cruising the streets of Detroit in a customized Lincoln Continental. It is rumored he had 15 to 20 dime pieces in his stable.  Some of his points of business were the Cass Corridor and 6 mile and Woodward, Highland Park.  Those two strolls that were breeding grounds for street superstars to come. Of course, with all of his street notoriety and ghetto fabulous reputation, haters came out of the woodwork. Specifically, a sergeant that worked the vice squad at the time.  We’re told in the 60’s is when he got the attention of the vice squad.  In the 60’s, he also got the attention of famous international macks and sat on the Boss Macks chair, it is said, for a whole decade.  In the meantime, he accumulated a sick jewelry collection that consisted of a cold piece with a customized charm made out to symbolize the Mexican flag.  It was inserted with the appropriate stones to represent the flag, green diamonds and red rubies.  He also had a Rolex before they even became popular, a $50,000 Patek Felipe, and a customized Breitling.  Around this time, he started beefing with a famous pimp known as Bread Man aka Sidewalk Slim.  Bread Man was very jealous of Chewy's stable and stardom in the mackin’ game.  Chewy incorporated his team when he met the individual, no other than Tony Serbo aka Miko the Serb, when he was a young age, numberwise, however he was always mature for his age according to street legends. It is rumored, when these 2 formed a partnership, people became very intimidated not knowing what to expect.  It was quite an odd combination considering the age difference.  There was a point in time when the jealous vice sergeants could not stand it anymore, after falling in love with one of Chewy's girls.  It is rumored that Chewy was framed for raping an underage girl.  Word on the street is, it was statutory rape that the vice sergeant seen it to be charges as a criminal sexual conduct.  As we all know, Detroit cops play very dirty.  This Latino brother was railroaded and sent to Jack-town.  While inside, it is rumored, he continued mackin’.  He was mackin' the sissy’s for a lot of the Lifers. You can’t keep a good man down.  Free Chewy the Boss, this is an unlawful conviction.  I have scheduled an interview with Chewy the Boss that has to be cleared with the authorities first, but Chewy has already agreed.  Again I say, free Chewy the Boss!

Bandito Loco-Jose Vasquez

Loco grew up in Southwest Detroit, started boxing at a young age, proven to be very talented.  He didn’t get off into the game until he was in his mid-teens.  He, like many Latino brothers, hooked up with a gang known as the Spanish Cobras.  It is rumored that Loco was good with his fists and swift with the blade.  One of his favorite techniques was to carry straight razors in his mouth and spit it into his hand quicker than the blink of an eye.  His opponent’s throat or face would be left gushing blood and didn’t know what happened.  He mastered this technique on the streets of southwest Detroit.  They were calling him at this time, Loco Stiletto (or Stiletto loco).  He started slangin’ around this time and opened several spots in southwest Detroit.  When he tried to move out of the southwest Detroit area and expand, he was met with resistance by other drug crews. Loco would not retreat.  He fire bombed, bombed with hand grenades, sprayed with choppas and whatever other techniques of street warfare there was available at the time.  He was a fearless street warrior with Azteca blood in his veins, and boy he sure loved the Senoritas! He incorporated mackin' into his hustle when he was in his late teens.  He ruthlessly accumulated a stable of dime pieces by snatching hoes out of other pimp’s stables.  He just didn’t care.  In 1989, he got into a vicious shoot-out with Coco Black, the famous hit man, gangsta disciple from Chicago that was doing work in Detroit in the late 80’s. They crossed paths and these two street gorillas went to war with each other.  Loco with his Choppa, Coco with his Uzi.  Gun smoke and flames filled the night.  Several witnesses witnessed the gun battle but no one would dare talk.  Loco was hit in the shoulder and grazed in the abdomen, Coco was grazed in the forehead and in the leg.  Both survived to go at it another day.  At this time, 89-90, he was slangin’, mackin’, and whackin’ everything that gave him resistance.  He came to the attention of a Latin King by the name of Tone, that tried to unite with his nation. Loco wasn’t havin it.  At this time, he had a custom black El Dorado, a custom black Mark V, black Mustang GT convertible, and a black Corvette.  The Corvette was equipped with a special compartment for his handguns, which he had a virtual arsenal.  The Mark V, it is rumored, had a $60,000 sound system installed.  One of his famous jewelry pieces was an extremely thick 300 gram Gucci link with a Cadillac emblem medallion the size of your average persons face. It is rumored that the charm alone cost $75,000.  In ’91, the feds kicked in his door at one of his girlfriends houses on the eastside and arrested Loco for a pandering charge that was dismissed.  Then he was falsely accused of statutory rape on two of his employees.  Both 15 year olds lied about their age, and no one doubted that they were a day younger than 18.  It is said, that a vice cop (hater) paid off the girls to make false statements.  Why would he do this? Because officer 5-0, Mr. Piggy, had a daughter that ran away and joined Loco;s stable.  He couldn’t bare the thought of a non-cracker tappin' that ass. His daughter, chose Loco over her poppi.  Isn’t that sad.  Just another day in the life and times of a Detroit gangsta.  Free Bandito Loco!